Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 Must-Haves: Hair and Nails

Here is the third part of my "2013 Must-Haves" series, this time on the hair and nail products that were my favorites of 2013. Hopefully, this series will help you get a feel for what types of products I use and enjoy!


I'm not as big on hair and nails as I am on makeup, but I still know what works for me and what doesn't, and I'm also constantly searching for the perfect products for that work with my hair. Though it definitely is not glamorous, my hair is temperamental and I sometimes suffer from a dry, itchy scalp along with oily roots. In an ideal world, I would only have to wash my hair a few times a week, but the longest I can go while still maintaining some level of style is washing my hair every other day. And even then, I have to dutifully rely on dry shampoo to cut back on the dirtiness and griminess of my hair. However, these products are what I turned to to take care of both my scalp and my ends.

Styling Product: Sunsilk Layers Texturizing Wax (discontinued)...alternative: Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip


My favorite nail polishes come and go with the seasons and with my moods, which I think most of you can relate to. Though, there are those colors that I want to wear constantly and these are those polishes of 2013 that I got the most use out of. I don't always stick to the typical polish colors for the seasons, but my favorites clearly represent each category: gold for winter, pastel for spring, neon for summer, and oxblood for fall. In general, I like to change my nail polish every week or two, depending on how much time I have with school and all, but my polish is able to look fresh and acceptable for at least one week because I use four layers. I start with one layer of base coat, two layers of color, and end with one layer of top coat. This sandwich of nail polish really keeps my nails from chipping for quite a long time.

Winter Polish: Essie Pennie Talk
Spring Polish: Butter London Muggins
Fall Polish: Revlon Vixen

What hair and nail products were your 2013 winners?

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