Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Nails!

I have recently been obsessed with nail art, and I will be posting more designs for inspiration in the future, but I wanted to first start with two of my favorite floral summer nail designs. 

Tropical Floral Nails

  1. Base coat and 2 layers of white polish
  2. Large neon purple flowers on each nail (or whatever color you want)
  3. Small yellow flowers on each nail
  4. Neon pink centers on the purple flowers
  5. Orange centers on the yellow flowers
  6. Yellow lines/dots/whatever you want on top of the neon pink using a toothpick
  7. Mint green leaves 
  8. Dark green leaves on top of the mint using a toothpick
  9. Wait for the design to dry, then two layers of top coat
Inspired by:

Daisy Nails

  1. Base coat and 2-3 layers of mint green polish (light blue looks nice as well)
  2. Using a striper, or I just wiped off the brush of a white polish and trimmed the brush to my desired width, paint 3-4 daisies on each nail
  3. Dot the centers of the flowers with yellow polish
  4. Wait for the design to completely dry and add a layer of top coat

Do you love floral nail art as much as I do?

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