Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Loving Your Short Hair

Ever since I cut six inches off my hair in favor of a medium length hairstyle back in December, I have been itching to maintain that hair length. Although I do love all the things you can do with long hair (braids, buns, etc.), I don't like the split and stringy ends or the lack of volume. When I first cut my hair, I loved how I could immediately feel how thick and healthy my hair feltI didn't know that I had that much hair in the first place!

So, when I recently got my hair cut again, I wanted to return to that feeling. To be honest, when I first looked in the mirror and saw how short my hair was, I was absolutely in shock. I was almost in tears. I had asked for a shoulder length hairstyle, with images of Lily Collins and Alexa Chung's medium length messy, textured waves in my mind. However, I ended up with a long bob that took some time getting used to. This was not the stylist's fault, because what she gave me was a long bob with a shoulder-grazing length, but in my mind I had imagined this length when my hair was already curled, not when it was straight. By the time I got home and curled my new hair, it came to the middle of my neck.

How I Learned to Love Short Hair

What helped me get accustomed to my short hair the most was definitely all the compliments I received for my haircut. When you lack self-confidence, though it may seem petty, it helps to get different perspectives and opinions, especially when they are positive and confidence boosting. At school, surrounded by hundreds of girls with long hair, I actually felt proud to stand out from the crowd by taking this unintentional risk. Also, if you play a sport or want to tie your hair up in a ponytail, you still can! (Some bobby pins required.) Based on the super fast and easy styling, along with how it is more cohesive with my personal style, I think my short hair is here to stayat least for now.

My Hair-speration

My Hair Journey

Me with Long Hair (last year):

Me with Medium Hair (3 months ago):

Me with Short Hair (now):

What hair length do you like going for: long, medium, or short?

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